10% of the proceeds from your purchase is donated to your school.

Q: Who can participate in the BoxofSupplies.com program?

A: All public, private and charter schools along with any group, organization or team can participate in the BoxofSupplies.com program. BoxofSupplies.com is web based and anyone can take advantage of its convenience.

Q: What quality standards do you use?

A: The highest! We deliver only name brand products or private-label products that approach the same quality. We back our products with a 100% guarantee.

Q: How do your prices compare with local retailers such as Target or Wal-Mart?

A: Our prices are certainly competitive but for certain individual items the price may be slightly higher than a special sale item at a Target or Wal-Mart. Most stores use such items as a loss leader to entice customers into the store where they will usually purchase other products at profitable prices. Given the convenience of shopping at home, the assurance that all supplies will be included and the savings of gas and time, BoxofSupplies.com offers an exceptional value!

Q: Can our school receive a price quote on our school supply list before we order the supplies?

A: Most certainly! You can receive product information and price quotes upon request. Our program has no hidden charges.

Q: Do you charge a shipping fee?

A: We will deliver your BoxofSupplies to your school free of charge. If you want the BoxofSupplies delivered to your doorstep, USPS rates will be applied. Depending on your specific school, a designated pick-up day and area may also be available.

Q: How does the school know which student donated the supplies?

A: Each box of supplies sent to the school will be sent with a certificate that states the student’s and/or family’s name. Some parents will also send their receipt to school in the student’s folder.

Q: Can you explain the 10% rebate donation?

A: Every school that enrolls with BoxofSupplies.com will receive a ten percent (10%) donation of the total net sales. The donation will come in the form of a cash donation. To receive the maximum donation we encourage your schools to organize an aggressive marketing blitz to the parents over a 4-6 week window.

Q: What if some parents wish to get their student’s school supplies somewhere else?

A: BoxofSupplies.com is a shopping alternative for parents. Some schools and groups may require students to purchase their school supplies through BoxofSupplies.com. This assures that every student will have exactly what the teacher has requested and also obtain the maximum donation. Our program is a convenient shopping alternative; saving time and money while helping parents avoid the “yearly scavenger hunt” for supplies.

Q: Why are there no backpacks included in the supply lists?

A: There are hundreds of choices available during the back to school shopping period and we realize most students are very particular about which backpack/lunch box they choose. Therefore, we leave that up to the individual to purchase elsewhere so as not to limit the student’s choices.

Q: When does our school or group receive the donation check?

A: The donation checks are sent during the month of October for the back to school period and during the month of March for the second semester period.

Q: Do you have a privacy policy regarding use of personal information?

A: Yes, we maintain a strict Privacy Policy and information is not shared with any other firm or organization.

Q: Do your prices vary from school to school?

A: No. We are an online supplier of school supplies and our prices are fixed and available to everyone equally. We do have to make periodic changes to the prices based upon supplies price variation and factors beyond our control. We will attempt to honor all prices as of the dates selected for your school supply drive.